Estação de pagamento com funcionalidade completa

  • Modular & scalable
  • Ergonomic & secure
  • RSP approved & DDA compliant
  • Easy maintenance
  • Coin change and recycling


With a integrated design and many available options, the automatic distribution and payment Astreo terminal is a well-adapted solution to answer different transit operators’ needs.
Astreo accepts all payment methods, has a wide range of user interfaces, provides encoding and distribution capabilities of all types of formats and technologies for transit tickets.
Astreo is also offered as a pay station for off-street parking solutions with barriers.

Full options

  • All payment methods : coins with change and recycling, bank notes, bank cards, private smartcards, electronic purses.
  • Encoding and distribution of all format and technologies of transit tickets (barcodes, magnetic stripe, contact-less technology) with different media (paper, thin flexible cards, rigid cards…).
  • Media consultation and reloading

Ergonomic & convenience

  • User interfaces are designed to ensure convenience and security during the transaction.
  • Accessibility to people with disabilities in compliance with Coliac/Colitrah standards in France, CEMT in Europe and DDA in UK.
  • Optimal transaction time thanks to an intuitive interface and fast processing (touch screen or selection by a knob).

Robustness & reliability

  • Qualified and well-proven subparts for similar use.
  • High resistance to vandalism and fraud.

Cost effective

  • Quick operations to feed stocks.
  • High reliability.
  • Easy maintenance.



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